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Baglietti Prosecco

It's all about the magic when you open that sparkling bottle. Let’s live in the moment, If just for a moment and celebrate!  


Enjoy Baglietti pure or use it as a mixer to create a beautiful cocktail. 

Our Italian Heritage
Marco Baglietti worked in the hills surrounding Veneto for 45 years. In many ways he embodied the proffessional know how we strive for at Baglietti.  Our name is a tribute to Marco's legacy. 




To Now!

Baglietti No.7

Sparkling Organic Rosé

Baglietti Rosé Extra Dry No.7 is an ecological spumante rosé with a rich scent from white peach, citrus and summer berries.


The taste is elegant and dry with elements of raspberry, citrus and almond. A well-balanced acid combined with a dry finish gives the wine wonderful fullness.


Baglietti No.7 is completely organic from start to finish.


The perfect serving temperature is 6-8°C

Baglietti No.10

Prosecco D.O.C.

Baglietti Prosecco No.10 has a large scent and an elegant dry taste of pears, citrus and almonds.


By allowing the wine to rest on yeast over time, a particularly dry and full flavour is able to evolve.


In No.10 we only use grapes from the Piave area, which is Baglietti’s most qualitative area in Prosecco.


The perfect serving temperature is 6-8°C



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