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Código1530 Blanco Tequila has landed!

Produced exclusively for the South African market Codigo 1530 has launched their Blanco expression at 43% ABV.

Código 1530 tequila is inspired by the legend of a private recipe known for generations by only a select group of Mexico's most respected families and finest jimadors. Each bottle proudly bears the Jerusalem Cross and the Jalisco Coat of Arms (dating back to 1530) as a symbol of its heritage story.

Código 1530's tequila has been perfected using time-honored customs & historic traditions of no chemicals, flavorings, or sweeteners.

Código 1530 Blanco stands apart as an unrested tequila, untouched by the influence of barrels. By forgoing the resting process, this expression amplifies the inherent richness and depth of agave flavour, inviting enthusiasts to savour its unadulterated essence.

Characterized by an earthy, mineral profile harmoniously balanced with citrus sweetness, Código 1530 Blanco tantalizes the palate with its refined complexity and unparalleled purity.

Made from 100% pure blue weber agave, additive free and low in calories (only 51 per shot) this tequila is the ideal guilt free treat.

The accolades garnered by Código 1530 Blanco are a testament to its exceptional quality. Recognitions such as the Gold at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and various other prestigious accolades underline its standing as a truly remarkable tequila.

Codigo 1530 only use full mature agave, aged over 7 years, to ensure each agave’s Brix level (sugar content) meets the high standards.

By using three times the average amount of agave per batch and ensuring it is unrested, the full, rich, smooth and untainted flavour of agave can be wholly appreciated.

Codigo 1530 uses their own single dedicated distillery and bottle their tequila at its origin.

Codigo 1530 Blanco is Kosher Certified

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