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Meet Eleana Nuñez: a true Mezcal Maven!

Se Busca which means “wanted” in Spanish is a tribute to the brave women of the Mexican Revolution who stood shoulder to shoulder with men in the battle for a new constitution. As unapologetic as our Mezcal, these women were the outlaws of their time, earning the titles of Adelitas and Solderas (women in the military). Se Busca mezcal is a tribute to their battle.

Continuing the legacy, Se Busca still focuses on woman empowerment. Today we are going to introduce you to Eleana Nuñez who continues the Adelitas legacy.

Eleana Nuñez leads production and export of Se Busca, she was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco. She grew up surrounded by the tequila culture, having memories of her grandfather savouring his tequila shot after Sunday meals.

After finishing her degree in International Relations, she visited Oaxaca and fell in love with mezcal wanting to learn everything about the distillate. She returned to Guadalajara where she spent hours diving deeper into the spirit, eventually deciding to start a mezcal export company. The company exported mezcal to Australia, Poland, Sweden, and Norway.

Four years later, she sold her shares in the company to her former partner and moved to Oaxaca to work in the Consejo Regulador del Mezcal [Mezcal Regulatory Board] as Head of Public Relations and Promotion. During her time on the Board, she had the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of all the links of the maguey-mezcal production chain. She toured most of the producing communities and observed the industry from the inside-out, forging strong bonds with producers, maguey farmers, brand owners, traders, etc.

She then took that knowledge and passion to build a mezcal consulting and production company partnering with mezcal masters in San Juan del Rio.

Currently, the company is working with over six families in Oaxaca including Se Busca, exporting brands in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Se Busca also tries to work with as many women as possible, Se Busca women have protagonist roles in every step of the production process, from the agave nursery to the fermentation, bottling, quality control, laboratory, and export. From the field to the glass, we share the same spirit.

We honour you all this Woman’s Month!

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