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Rooster Rojo Mezcal finally arrives in Mzansi!

The popular Rooster Rojo Tequila has finally launched its Mezcal in Mzansi. Rooster Rojo Mezcal is more than just a spirit; it is a journey into the soul of Oaxaca, Mexico. This region is renowned for its authentic and artisanal food and craft.

Rooster Rojo is an Artisanal made Mezcal. The Agave is 100% Espadin Agave and each bottle of Rooster Rojo Mezcal is signed by the Maestro mezcalero (the master Mezcal maker) Rodolfo Lopez Juan, authenticating the product to assure people that the correct production processes have been followed. The methods are passed down from generation to generation and the Master distiller learnt his craft from his father who founded this distillery.

Mezcal is a precious liquid and nearly all Mezcals are hand-crafted using the traditional Tahona wheel and manual work. The liquid is made using underground ovens to cook the 100% Espadin Agaves which have been cultivated for seven years.

Copper pot stills, sealed with local clay, are used for the distillation of this precious artisanal liquid whilst open wooden vats, covered with agave fibres, are used for fermentation.

The dark, traditional clay bottle prevents the liquid being affected by direct sunlight and is said to ensure, following a traditional local belief, that the Mezcal must not be visible to the ‘bad eye’ before being consumed.

Rooster Rojo Mezcal is produced in small production batches in the burning sun of the Oaxacan mountains, a remote and harsh location. Like many generations prior, the traditional methods and manual craftsmanship result in this amazing liquid.

It's a labour of love. Each drop tells a story—a tale of dedication, tradition, and the unyielding spirit of Mexico.

Rooster Rojo Mezcal has won a distinguished Masters Award medal in the Tequila and Mezcal Masters by The Spirits Business. The two panels of judges found this mezcal to be “elegant, but still full of personality”.

Tasting notes

Color: Crystal clear, shiny

Aroma: fresh, lively, citrus

Taste: Sweet, peppery

Finish: Smooth and strong, yet pleasant, medium length


Class: Joven

Agave: Espadin grown for 7 years

Grind: Tahona

Distillation: Double

Still: Copper

Origin: Oaxaca, Mexico

Bottle: dark clay - to avoid direct contact with the sun

ABV: 43%

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