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6 facts about Stoli you didn't know!

1) Stoli is Produced in Latvia

2) Stoli Vodka Benchmarks their quality standard with a specification called “Alpha Grade Standard”.

One of the most important measures to achieve “Alpha Standard” is the level of methanol in the spirit that has to be kept to a minimum for maximum purity. Stoli®

exceptional quality keeps methanol level below 0.001

g/Liter of pure alcohol resulting in a liquid with 100 times less methanol against EU regulations.

3) Stoli was the first premium vodka to be imported to the USA in 1972

4) Stoli was one of the first brands to actively champion LGBQT+ issues pushing for global equality, visability and acceptance for all, this was back in the early 1990 and this still continues and is evident with the launch of the Harvey Milk Edition in 2018.

5) Stoli was relaunched in South Africa in 2021

6.) Stoli was the first vodka brand to launch flavoured Vodka's back in 1962. Currently the following flavours are available in South Africa: Blueberi, Ohranji, Razberi, Cucumber, Vanil and Salted Karamel

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