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The Fiery Depths of Smokehead Whisky: A Journey into Peated Perfection

For those who smoke tradition and dodge the drab. Welcome to Smokehead.

Today, we embark on a journey into the rugged terrain of Islay to uncover the mysteries of Smokehead Whisky and its unparalleled peatiness.

Peat, a hallmark of Islay whiskies, is a substance formed from the decomposition of plant matter in waterlogged conditions over thousands of years. This ancient material, when used in the malting process of whisky production, imparts a distinctive smoky flavour and aroma to the spirit. It's a flavour profile that divides whisky enthusiasts—some revel in its earthy intensity, while others find it challenging to embrace.

Enter Smokehead Whisky, a bold and unapologetic expression of Islay's peated prowess. This enigmatic dram has gained a cult following for its daring attitude and intense flavour profile.

Smokehead’s peatiness is not for the faint of heart. It's a dram that demands attention, commanding the spotlight with its robust flavours. Yet, amidst the smoke and fire, there's a complexity that reveals itself to those willing to explore further.

Cheers to the bold and the brave, to those who dare to embrace the peat.

Smokehead High Voltage Single Malt Whisky

Danger, danger. High Voltage by name, electrifying by nature. Deeply rich and intensely peaty, this one hits all the senses with a rush of black smoke, creamy, nutty notes and a tangy sea salt finish.

Salt and seaweed, smoky bacon, dense wood smoke and a heavy slab of peat. There’s no let up as dark chocolate and toasted biscuits hit with a near mouth-numbing finish to follow.

Smokehead Sherry Bomb is a peaty Islay single malt that has well and truly earned its name. Blasted by rich, sweet and spicy Spanish sherry casks, it has emerged as fiery, explosive, heavy hitting dram that has even turned our skull red. It might well be the exact, highly unusual taste you’ve been waiting for. It might be a cannonball careering towards you that you’re keen to avoid. Either way, we’ve taken our ‘brilliant rebellious’ mantra to a whole new level.

Rum Cask Rebel

Smokehead whisky conspires with its rum cask cousin to banish the bland, for a taste journey that jolts with smoke and fiery peat, then soothes with citrus, before marshmallow, bacon, dried fruits and dark wood swirl to the fore…

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