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Celebrate International Vodka Day by exploring the world of Stoli Flavours

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

International Vodka Day is celebrated every year on the 4th of October. So October is the perfect month to explore and celebrate one of the world’s most versatile spirits.

Over the last few decades, the way people consume vodka has changed. Vodka is now produced all over the world using a variety of inventive flavours, scents, mixes, and types. True vodka lovers would prefer a neat drink but others would prefer it to be a base for a delicious cocktail. Look no further if you are ready to rediscover this versatile spirit: Stoli Vodka selects only the finest European Wheat and Rye for it's historic and multi award winning recipes.

The world of Stoli flavours is a vibrant and tantalizing journey through the essence of fruits, spices, and natural ingredients. While the classic Stoli Original vodka remains a timeless favourite, exploring the diverse flavours adds a whole new dimension to your drinking experience. Whether you're sipping on Stoli Blueberi's blueberry goodness or indulging in the velvety embrace of Stoli Vanil, each flavour promises a delightful adventure for your taste buds. So, raise your glass and toast to the flavourful world of Stoli. Cheers!

Stoli® Premium is a pristine, light, classically styled, and exceptionally smooth vodka. Crystal clear in colour, with marshmallow, mineral and mild fruit peel aromas, with a soft supple entry leading to a smooth, medium bodied palate finishing with a light sweet fade. The perfect partner for a classic martini or to mix with your favourite cool drink.

Stoli® Blueberi is bursting with ripe blueberries and blackcurrants, balanced with fresh notes of lemon, aromatic juniper and fragrant eucalyptus. An unsurpassably smooth vodka with buttery grain character. Mix it up with Ginger beer and a squeeze of lime!

Stoli® Cucumber is clean and crisp on the palate, bursting with savory yet mildly sweet flavor and a smooth finish. A refreshingly light, natural tasting and versatile vodka. Try this in a Bloody Mary or a Vodka Mojito

Stoli® Ohranji is bursting with the zesty fragrance of pressed orange peels and full of zing. Balanced with tangy lime for a round citrus and slightly floral character, reminiscent of orange blossom. When did you last have a cosmopolitan? Next time shake it up with Stoli Ohranji and rediscover this Sex&TheCity classic.

Stoli® Razberi is reminiscent of the comforting sweetness of raspberries. Balanced by the sweet spice of rye and wheat grain vodka and lifted by crisp citrus notes for an indulgent vodka experience. Perfect for a summery and low calorie Vodka Tonic.

Stoli® Salted Karamel will indulge your tastebuds. Sweet, rich caramel is balanced with a hint of salt for the ultimate indulgence, a truly irresistible vodka. Espresso Martini or as a shot, if you like dessert this is the one for you!

Stoli® Vanil is loved for being sweet and indulgent, vanilla is a true classic for a reason. Rich, softly aromatic, with warm floral notes, Stoli® Vanil is familiarly sweet with its gentle yet distinct vanilla flavour. The perfect Vodka for the perfect Pornstar Martini

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