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Codigo1530 Anejo Barrel Strenght limited release

Codigo1530 Tequila is expanding their family in South Africa with a limited edition Anejo.

The handblown glass bottle of the Barrel Strenght edition is partially black frosted and this second release of the barrel strenght is bottled at 44% ABV.

Aged for more than 2 years in the world’s finest French White Oak Cabernet barrels, it’s one of the smoothest Barrel Strength Tequilas in the market. The Codigo 1530 barrel strenght has subtle caramelized vanilla and dark chocolate notes, swirling with toasted oak aroma. Despite the alcohol content it is soft on the palate with no throaty burn.

About Codigo1530

Codigo 1530 sources the best Blue Weber Agaves from local farmers who have been growing agave all their lives. The Agave harvesterd are always fully matured, over 7 years old. When selecting the Agave it is always ensured that each batch of agave's Brix level is above 32.

The recipe for the production proces has been perfected over 5 generations and uses organic yeast from a small family bakery in Amatitan and volcanic spring water. Only the best juice is extracted from the first press of agave and Codigo1530 uses 2-3 times the amount to ensure only the highest quality.

Codigo1530 is proud to claim no added no chemicals, flavouring or sugar to maintain the rich, natural flavor of Los Bajos agave. The fllavour is enhanced by the careful aging in only the finest Napa Cabernet French white oak barrels.

Every single bottle of Código 1530 Tequila is still proudly bottled, labeled, and packed by hand at our home distillery in Amatitán, Jalisco

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