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Dazzling Duo: Introducing The Stoli® Endless Summer pack

The Stoli® Endless Summer Pack is a thoughtfully curated package that contains not ONE, but TWO bottles of Stoli® Vodka for a very special price. The pack contains a 750ml bottle Stoli® Premium Vodka and a 750ml bottle Stoli® Razberi. The pack is designed to mix thing up and we have included 2 delicious recipes on the back for you to try!

With this pack you are able to enjoy your favourite classic with the option to add a twist that you may not have tried before.

The Stoli Endless Summer pack will be a great addition to your summer gatherings, whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a sundowner with friends.

Enjoy this summer to the fullest with these refreshing serves and add a special touch by serving your Stoli® cocktail in a nice cup or stylish wine glass.

The Stoli Endless Summer Pack is a double delight that promises a world of flavour. Cheers to the joy of exploring, sharing, and enjoying this exceptional award winning duo.

The Stoli® Endless Summer pack will be available in leading liquor stores Nation wide.

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