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Indlovu Gin, a uniquely African spirit.

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Les and Paula, a dynamic husband and wife duo, embarked on the Indlovu gin venture after returning to South Africa from a 15-year stay in England. Drawn by the promising entrepreneurial landscape and a deep desire to make a positive impact on society, they set their sights on this exciting new endeavor.

Their inspiration for Indlovu gin blossomed during Paula's unforgettable safari in Kenya, where she found herself gazing at a majestic herd of elephants while savouring a Gin and Tonic. It was amidst this natural wonder that a remarkable idea took hold. This vision, crafted by the very elephants she was observing, led to the birth of Indlovu gin, a uniquely African spirit.

"Indlovu," the African word for elephant, carries the essence of this endeavour, reflecting the profound influence of these magnificent creatures on the gin's creation. The process involves carefully selecting botanicals based on the foraging habits of the world's largest land animals, resulting in an innovative premium gin that appeals to both adventurous spirits and discerning gin collectors.

Indlovu Original gin is a harmonious symphony of flavours, a testament to its connection with the earth and the elephants' foraged favourites. A crystal-clear golden hue invites you to experience a classic blend, with juniper at the forefront, accompanied by notes of grass, earthiness, and citrus. The palate is enriched by the elephants' chosen botanicals, offering a balanced medley of juniper, angelica, citrus, earth, and spice.

Beyond crafting exquisite spirits, Les and Paula hold a deep commitment to wildlife conservation. Demonstrating this dedication, they contribute 15% of Indlovu gin's profits to HERD (Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development Trust), a noble initiative focused on establishing and operating South Africa's inaugural elephant orphanage. Through this contribution, they aim to support the vital work of HERD and play their part in preserving these incredible animals for future generations.

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