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Moskovskaya Vodka, With Love from Latvia

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

We have welcomed Moskovskaya Vodka to our portfolio. Moskovskaya Vodkal embodies a philosophy of minimalism, authenticity, and tradition in its production. Since 1938, it has been crafted in Latvia, adhering faithfully to its original recipe.

MOSKOVSKAYA combines over 100 years of vodka-making tradition with an outstanding taste. Given its supreme smoothness and crisp mouthfeel it is the perfect choice for consumers seeking a high-quality Vodka to enjoy neat or for a wide range of cocktails.

MOSKOVSKAYA is a 100% European Union product. The highest quality ingredients and materials are sourced from across the European Union and married together in Riga by Latvijas Balzams, using traditional methods. The original vodka recipe has remained unchanged for more than 80 years. Today Moskovskaya is a brand imbued with a young and gritty urban reality. It symbolises and encapsulates free urban spirit.

The Moskovskaya world sources energy and inspiration from the analog, raw and imperfect. A world

where money or status symbols don’t count, where it’s all about living in the moment and celebrating unique experiences. Unforgettable memories over followers and likes.

Moskovskaya Vodka uses charcoal and quartz sand purification methods and is three-times distilled, making it an incredibly smooth Vodka with hints of honey-like sweetness and notes of fresh citrus. It is best enjoyed as a shot with ice or topped up with tonic water and garnished with a fresh lemon zest.

The tasting experience of Moskovskaya unfolds as follows:

NOSE: Fresh, clean, robust notes, fresh aniseed.

PALATE: Elegant lightness, minty notes, creamy aniseed, savory grain.

FINISH: Smooth, long lasting, light sweetness

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