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New arrival: Baglietti brut kosher certified

We are excited to announce that Baglietti has launched their Kosher expression in South Africa.

This expression is bottled in the eye catching black diamond shaped bottle. The front label and capsule flaunt a festive glitter to add sparkle to your celebrations. Baglietti Brut is a classic Italian Brut wine with a delightful balance. Its delicate aromas and crisp flavours make it an excellent choice for aperitifs or as an accompaniment to light dishes.


Pale golden color with fine, persistent bubbles.


The nose is delicate and refined, with hints of green apples, citrus fruits, and white flowers.


On the palate, the wine is crisp and refreshing, with a slight sweetness that balances the wine's natural acidity. The flavors of green apples and citrus are more pronounced, leading to a long and satisfying finish.

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