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NEW: Stoli "Glow in the Dark" Night Edition

Stoli® exists to liberate authentic voices. In pursuit of a better world, we encourage creativity and self-expression. More than ever, it is essential to champion everyone’s right to Equality, Kindness, and most importantly, Love and Peace.

With the glow in dark effect, this limited edition will add fun and colour to gatherings and parties at home.

Created in exclusiveive collaboration with artisit Jason Naylor, the new Stoli® Limited Edition bottle celebrates creative expression, encouraging souls around the world to be bold, brave, and free-spirited. The design centers around inspirational words, encouraging authentic artistic creation and creative exploration.


Available at leading Retailers such as Checkers, PicknPay, Tops, Norman Goodfellows,

Drinkshop SA and Mothercity Liquor

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