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Pop that cork! It's Prosecco day on 13 August

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

TGIF! Pop the cork and get your tall glasses at the ready, it’s National Prosecco Day and spring is about to get sprung! We don’t have to go looking for excuses to celebrate this Friday the 13th.

We recommend enjoying this national holiday the best way we know how, by sharing a bottle or two with friends and family. Enjoyed best chilled with sushi, picnic or a platter of savory cheeses.

Prosecco also goes well with cured meats and fruits, so there’s options galore to keep on celebrating throughout the weekend. Regardless of whether you’ve only just discovered Prosecco or have been drinking it for years, there are still probably a few things that you don’t know about this sparkling wine. Don’t believe us? Well, below are some fun facts that might surprise you:

· In 2019, worldwide ten times more Prosecco was sold than champagne.

· Prosecco can only be manufactured in certain parts of North eastern Italy.

· A total of 85% of the grapes used in this wine have to be Glera Grapes.

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