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Rooster Rojo Ahumado - The fusion of Tequila and Smoke

For centuries, the rooster has been an emblematic symbol embedded within the rich tapestry of Mexican heritage. Symbolizing the sun and embodying qualities of luck, bravery, and cultural pride, the rooster holds a significant place in Mexican culture. Among its legends, the Red Rooster, believed to reside within the Tequila volcano, reigns as the monarch of all roosters, inspiring the creation of the renowned tequila brand, Rooster Rojo.

Enthusiasts of fine spirits can anticipate an aromatic journey characterized by notes of smoked wood, leather, and roasted agave. Upon sipping, a harmonious interplay of agave and spice dances on the palate, culminating in a soft, smoky finish that lingers pleasantly.

Rooster Rojo Ahumado expresses attributes of mezcal while maintaining a gentle and approachable profile, appealing to a broad spectrum of tequila aficionados.

Rooster Rojo Ahumado Tequila is created through an intricate process. Utilizing a 48-hour artisanal roasting technique in an underground oven fired with mesquite wood, the Blue Weber agave undergoes meticulous preparation.

Covered with dried agave fibre and sealed with moistened earth, the agave is then balanced with traditionally cooked agave before undergoing fermentation and double distillation.

Following this meticulous process, the liquid rests in barrels for a minimum of two months, acquiring depth and character. To achieve the desired alcohol by volume (ABV), the tequila is brought to perfection with water filtered through Mexican silver.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: A captivating golden straw hue


Evocative notes of smoked wood, leather, and roasted agave


A delightful fusion of agave and spices with a warm and lingering smokiness

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