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Stoli® Group Denounces Russian Aggression

(Cape Town, South Africa – March, 2022)

Stoli® Group has had a long history of fighting oppression from the Russian regime. Stoli® unequivocally condemn the military action in Ukraine and stand in support of the Ukrainian people.

Stoli® Vodka and its owner Yuri Shefler were exiled from Russia nearly two decades ago.

“I have personally experienced persecution by the Russian authorities and I share the pain of Ukraine and its people,” noted Mr. Shefler, founder of SPI Group of companies. More than anything, I wish for ‘Stoli’ to represent peace in Europe and solidarity with Ukraine.”

Since Shefler was exiled, Stoli Vodka’s production facilities have been located in Latvia where blending, charcoal column filtration, bottling, packaging and distribution are handled.

The Stoli® brand is part of SPI Group of companies, a global organization with a significant portfolio of spirits and wine brands from around the world, with Stoli’s European Global HQ based in Luxembourg.

“For decades, Stoli® Group has resisted Putin’s regime. We stand now with all Ukrainians and Russians calling for peace,” said McKinney, Global CEO, Stoli Group. “We are inspired by the people who have taken to the streets calling for an end to this attack on a sovereign nation.”

“This is very personal to us,” continued McKinney. “As a former Royal Marine Commando, I know all too well, the desire to take action. We have the resources and ability to sponsor in the near term, and are establishing plans for the long haul to continue help the region that has been so good to Stoli for many years.”

In support Stoli® Group has announced an immediate financial commitment to World Central Kitchen (WCK), a non-profit organization that is first to the frontlines, providing meals in response to climate, humanitarian, and community crises. The support will go directly to relief in Ukraine.

“The reality and uncertainty of this war is immense and we are identifying immediate ways we can support Ukrainians,” commented Damian McKinney, Global CEO, Stoli Group. WCK is working with local restaurants, caterers, and food trucks in the region to provide nourishing meals at border crossings, shelters, and other refugee communities. Food provides not only nourishment, but also comfort and hope, especially in times of crisis.

About Stoli® Group Stoli® Group was established in 2013 and is responsible for the production, management, and distribution of a global spirits and wines portfolio. Mainly known for the Stoli® Vodka brand, Stoli Group has expanded to appeal to luxury on-premise and more sophisticated global consumers. Signature brands are: Stoli® Vodka, elit™Vodka, Bayou® Rum, Kentucky Owl™, Villa One™, Gator Bite™ Rum Liquers, Cenote™ Tequila, Tulchan Gin™, Se Busca™ Mezcal and Stoli Group’s wine division, Tenute del Mondo®. With a presence across a network of more than 176 markets, Stoli Group works with a passionate team of 200 distributors around the world. Headquartered in Luxembourg, Stoli has production facilities in Spain, Italy, Argentina, and the United States, some of which are steeped in history dating back to the early part of the last century. For more information, visit

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