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Tequila Queens: Empowering Women Shaping Mijenta.

Mijenta is inspired by the Spanish phrase “Mi Gente,” meaning “My People.” Community is central to who Mijenta is as a brand. They also have two women who are in crucial roles in their brand, Elise Som and Ana María Romero. Let's get to know these incredible women!

Elise Som is the co-founder and director of sustainability for Mijenta Tequila, the additive-free, sustainable tequila brand that was the first to earn B Corp certification. Elise earned her masters degree in sustainability from Harvard University and Parsons, the New School of Design. Elise’s work is deeply rooted in nature, culture, and traditions. After starting her own company, Elise Som Design Studio, she made the decision to move back to London to pursue broader sustainable designs, Elise connected with Bacardi and began making furniture from used bottles. During that period she met Mike Dolan and together with Juan Coronado, Mijenta was founded. Elise is dedicated to Mijenta's transparency and sustainability. A few initiatives that Mijenta has adopted to reduce waste and carbon emissions include: 

- Packaging elements are purchased directly from Mexico.

- Paper components are made from agave waste

In 2021, Mijenta announced a partnership with Whales of Guerrero, a non-profit working to bring oceans back to a healthy balance and will soon announce a new partnership with The Ocean Foundation.  

Ana Maria Romero is the Maestra Tequilera. What is Maestra Tequilera you ask? It means female tequila distiller. Ana Maria is widely regarded as one of the most trusted, respected, and awarded tequila authorities in Mexico.

In an industry tied to doing things how they have always been done, Ana Maria Romero is known for making up her own traditions.

In 2007, Ana Maria published The Aromas of Tequila: The Art of Tasting, which identifies the various sensory notes found in tequila and explains how each scent develops over time.

She identified over 600 individual scents that she mapped onto an aroma wheel, which was adopted by the industry. Ana Maria is on the advisory board of institutions such as the Tequila Regulatory Council and the National Chamber of the Tequila Industry. As a Maestra Tequilera, Ana Maria oversees the entire tequila process for Mijenta from start to finish, and throughout her work, she is strongly committed to minimising environmental impact and promoting biodiversity.

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