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Welcome to the Family: ClemenGold Gin!

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

We take great delight in introducing ClemenGold Gin to our esteemed collection! What sets ClemenGold Gin apart in the realm of citrus-forward gins is the infusion of South African-grown ClemenGold mandarin peels. These mandarins, renowned as ClemenGold and widely embraced across global markets, exude a quintessentially South African terroir, lending them an exceptional allure.

During the distillation process, a harmonious blend of botanicals comes into play. The starring role belongs to the ClemenGold peels, accompanied by the presence of orange peels, cinnamon, ground almond, juniper berries, angelica, orris root, and coriander. These botanicals undergo a meticulous process of maceration and vapour infusion.

Tasting Experience

Aroma: ClemenGold Gin captivates the senses with a pronounced citrus-forward bouquet. Notes of sweet, juicy orange take centre stage, delicately accompanied by subtle hints of spice that gently linger at the fringes. The nose is a vibrant symphony, dominated by the essence of fresh mandarin and sweet orange, a truly delightful olfactory journey.

Flavour: A subtle trace of coriander and spice makes an early appearance, paving the way for a bold and assertive burst of honeyed, juicy orange that envelops the palate. As the journey unfolds, a touch of cinnamon imparts a comforting warmth, enriching the overall flavour profile.

Finish: The finale resonates with the essence of Seville orange and cinnamon. The finish is impressively enduring, offering a moderate warmth and a steadfast citrus character that lingers gracefully on the palate, extending the pleasure well beyond each sip.


ClemenGold Gin harmoniously blends with a variety of mixers, be it soda, tonic, or lemonade. Whether in a classic gin and tonic or creatively curated cocktails, its vibrant orange note adds a captivating dimension to every libation, enhancing the drinking experience and delighting the senses.

In the realm of spirits, ClemenGold Gin stands as a beacon of distinctiveness, celebrating the essence of South African terroir through its meticulous craftsmanship. From its aromatic bouquet to its flavourful journey and its versatile nature in cocktails, ClemenGold Gin is a treasure to be savoured and celebrated. Cheers to the bright and flavourful world of ClemenGold Gin!

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